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quinta-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2012

Organizando Retalhos + Meu Ateliê - Organizing Scraps + My Craftroom vs 2

Moving on to my desk:

On it's left side I have a little cabinet with three drawers where I keep tinny useful things.
On the first drawer I keep all the little thread, some pins, some ribbon and my sewing machine's feet.

In the middle drawer I keep all kinds of sewing machine accessories and some of my quilting thread.
In the bottom drawer I keep all the hair stuff I use to add some nice patchwork flowers
As for my desk it self, it has 4 little side drawers and one large central drawer.

The central drawer is where I keep my cutting material
As well as all my Work In Progress
In the side drawers:

At the top, I keep all I need to have in hand and use more often
In the second drawer I have all my boardings and some material I use to take to school
Then I have my stickers collections, my scissors collections and some zipper
At the bottom I keep all the batting scraps that are always very useful
At the floor I have a second basket full of smaller pieces of fabric as well as a box with all my hand quilting thread
Now, the only item that has never appeared in this blog is my desk itself, and I have a pretty good reason to keep it out of the flash: it's always so messy!! Maybe some day when I am up for a major clean I will be able to picture it!

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  1. Camiss,
    Adorei o blog, adoro o que vc cria!!
    Bjos :D